We are eureca

We create immersive environment using Augmented Reality for learning about our world. Check us out on iOS below.

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iOS integral Virtual Inertial Odometry to enable Augmented Reality.

Supported Platforms

Offered through iOS and would soon be expanding on selected Android devices.

Interaction Enabled

Gesture Recognition available, expected to expand in Version 2.0 of the offering.

Learning Modules


Learn about topography, representations
flora, fauna, oceans, climate, landform and more


Learn about Fractions with abstract
and real-life objects around you

Solar System

Immerse in the beauty of the Universe
and learn about various planets and moons

Matching Geometries

Learn about three dimensional shapes
and their equivalent two dimensional boundaries

Animal Recognition

Find and associate animals
with their corresponding sounds

Elementary Geometry

Explore geometric shapes
and their associations with real life objects

Our Offerings

eureca provides deeper learning experience by distributing various animals, objects and more in your real environment, such as, within the confines of your home. After the initial set-up, adaptive challenges are created within eureca to solve and advance to increased complexity.

Metrics are based on real-time data collected as you go through the leaning module. Data is processed through a learning algorithm to produce results and recommendations.

Gesture enabled interactive interface to interact with objects created or enabled within the platform. We are working on creating numerous more avenues for interaction as we go along.

The intelligent virtual assistant is being enabled to add new and exciting features so as to support you in your learning path.

Some existing and several upcoming learning modules to choose from. Resetting and shoutout facility to reach out to us directly. Instructional videos to help jumpstart on your leaning goals.